Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Breyers Delights?

1. What is Breyers Delights?

Breyers Delights is a delicious ice cream that is lower in calories, lower in sugar and high in protein.

2. How did you manage to make Breyers Delights so low in calories?

Breyers Delights is made with skimmed milk and low-energy sweeteners including erythritol and stevia, and just enough cream to create a great tasting ice cream. All our ingredients are carefully selected to provide the right amount of sweetness, creamy texture and flavor while reducing calories.

3. Do Low Energy Sweeteners cause weight gain?

No. The use of sweeteners in place of sugar leads to reduced energy intake and therefore helps with weight management.

4. How did you get that much protein in the product?

Protein occurs naturally in many of the ingredients used in ice cream. Breyers Delights ice cream reaches the higher level by the inclusion of extra milk proteins. Each of our dairy ice cream tubs contain at least 20g of protein.

5. How many Slimming world syns have your product got?

Our products have between 15 to 17.5 syns per tub.

6. Are your products vegetarian?

Our products use ingredients suitable for a vegetarian diet.

7. Is Breyers Delights vegan?

Currently only our Breyers Delights Chocolate & Hazelnut flavor is vegan and dairy free by recipe. We have removed the milk proteins to create a dairy free product, replacing the milk proteins with plant proteins. We’re looking into launching more diary free and vegan flavours in the future.

8. Is Breyers Delights GM free?

None of the ingredients used in our products are derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

9. Is Breyers Delights gluten-free?

Some of our flavours contain gluten, for example Breyers Delights Cookies & Cream. Please always check ingredient labelling on pack for allergens both in the product and any that may be present due to cross contact in the supply chain.

10. Is Breyers Delights cholesterol free?

Breyers Delights is not cholesterol-free. Cholesterol naturally occurs in milk and so can be found in all Breyers Delights products excluding our Dairy Free Chocolate & Hazelnut flavor.

11. Does Breyers Delights contain nuts?

Ingredient labelling on pack shows allergens both in the product and any that may be present due to cross contact in the supply chain.

12. What is the shelf life?

18 months from date of manufacture. The best before dates is available on pack.