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There is now ice-cream with lower calorie, lower sugar and high protein

A new ice-cream brand, set to launch in the UK early next year, is almost too good to be true. Its products have up to 20g of protein, contains less sugar and has around 290 – 350 calories per 500ml tub.

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Another slice of pink toast, darling? And ten other quirky food trends you won’t be able to avoid in 2018

Mail Online featured Breyers Delights in a 2018 food trends round up, including details on the launch, imagery and spot on messaging on the brand: “Protein-packed ice creams should leave you so satisfied after one serving that you’ll happily put down your spoon, but even if you don’t, it will amount to a fraction of the calories in an average tub of Haagen-Dazs. From January, Tesco will sell Breyers Delights ice cream from the U.S. It’s a range of high protein, low calorie, low sugar ice creams and containing 35 calories per scoop. Just don’t stick a flake in it!”

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The Hot List

Metro included the ice-cream in their weekly round up with great messaging: “You don’t have to fall off the healthy eating wagon just yet, thanks to these lower sugar, high-protein Breyers Delights ice creams at 35 calories a scoop. Bring on the Cookies & Cream…”. The piece also includes a imagery and a link to one supplier.

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